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Word to the wise...

"During the war..." Well some time ago on a production far far, ok 'Lewis' some years ago. We had several boats out on the water up at oxford, usual camera boat plus rescue. Even back then we were environmentally friendly, electric powered no less. I won't mention who cast off without a charged battery, another day, another blog.

After wrap we decided to punt the Rhib & the Dori back down river, meaning it was quicker to bomb back on the water & de rig by the trailers & get out before the park gates another tale of bolt crops there ! I mean to say a lovely summer evening on the water after a good days work. Gently sending a low bow wave over flat water, I had another team member sat up front facing back at me & up river. No need to navigate to port I steered the boat away from the soft banks. Why do I remember & recount this as a cautionary tale. Well whilst looking ahead I saw a substantial low tree branch extending off the bank & precariously across the water. It happened in perfect slow motion, I shouted 'Duck' & he looked at me blankly, The branch was now feet away & I said 'DUCK' again much more forcefully. His face lit up with recognition & he exclaimed 'GOOSE' ! Just after that he got a large smack on the back of the head & toppled forward into the boat. Duck, duck, goose...Nuff said.

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