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Brothers from another Mother

Too many years to mention and always do things together, even if sometimes not intended. If one does it, the other follows, if ones about to call the other knows. often on the job we don't need words and always got the others six.

So this year it was no surprise, except to us, we would both need and have the same medical procedure. He got frozen and I got burned, at one stage we thought we might be ward fellows too. Positive outcome achieved, we've decided to haul butt back to operational fitness the only way we know how...By knocking lumps off one another trying. We have agreed the only thing we can't cure is the ugliness, sorry.

Don't be thinking we've been idle with that and the strike, oh no, more kit more days, oh my days more kit. New command & control space, comms, tools and alot of homework. One of our founding traits was to keep learning, qualifying & developing, all long before there was a buzz word for 'continued personal development'. Obviously the tech & protocols have changed and we are 'pre woke' and I don't mean that in a bad way, we're just proud to still be able to say...'We don't do problems, we (GSD) do solutions'. Have a good Christmas & we'll see you New Year.

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