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Turkey, from the ground

I'm sure by now you have all seen some of the news footage, but let me try and put it into perspective. We were a team of 18 dropped in a 500km catastrophe of more than likely 100,000 dead and more towns flattened by nature or God in a few hours, than humanities rediculous attempts fighting over territory. Our skill was picking the needles out of a haystack that took your breath away. We cried.

We did save lives, despite the odds and frankly the danger in a giant pile of aftershock Jenga, we saved precious lives. Precious few lives in the short window we had...Too few.

I didn't really sleep, ate our ratpacks when we could and put our backs into the work. We didn't, couldn't do enough. Frankly there are better people for telling stories. All I can say, this and each deployment is etched in my memory. I got to come home, sit by the hearth, hug my partner & sleep in a bed with a roof over my head.

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