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The origins of Shadow

Shadow has been around for 25 years, give or take my apalling memory & decriptude, yes the trailers do already have ramps fitted for my furure wheelchair. The aspiration back then was only limited by the funds needed to build what you see in the photo opposite, again Google is your friend if you look closely.

Back then it was about building a multi skilled rapid response team, as aspiration became slow reality, we soon realised the logistical, administrative & material back up needed to allow the spearhead to function. Yeh yeh I hear you chortling about the lack of rapidity recently, but while you're laughing consider the number of injuries racked up by the team over that time & the cumulative effect.

Kez & I have done the Riggs & Cole scene, between the diving, off road bikes, side car racing, horse riding, bridge jumping blah blah you get the picture. Also 'Wellbeing' was a can of 'Man Up' back then, now it's all about the heating & Guccispresso machine on board. Actually that is a point, the technology over the years has changed. Back then Garmins left bread crumb trails & binoculars were tacticool. Now it's drones and full colour Oled thermal instant update did you just pee behind that bush, cos we caught you tech...Oi mind the robot. I did eventually manage to relocate out of several different locations for the Thunderbird storage, to get all those Peli boxes, deployment bags, Moabs, flight cases, boats, trailers, tools, racks into one secret location. Although secure in it's own way, moving between sites to pick up gear, and yes circling back for the one thing you forgot...Meh. To kid yourself, drive round the block before you set off, although there have been times when Kez & I look at one another with that 'We did didn't we' look. I still say my packing skills are better.

Did I digress, surely not. We even have our own gym now, with outdoor facilities for cross training and just to put the cherry on it, once we've trained we can go wild swimming for the full Wim effect. Trouble is, it's a constant battle to maintain and I'm sure any of you that go to a gym or some other form of fitness, know this battle. The first rule is to get there each & every time, with the dark winter nights it's easy to slump back into the sofa in front of the TV. Let's do it together, let's 'Just say 'No', 'NO' to slumping back into the sofa, 'NO' to the bad food. We will make this a movement, 'Together we can' and if you see us on set at lunch or tea, whisper 'Just say NO'

'Just say NO' T's & C's apply. Certain foods become life sustaining under certain circumstances. For a full list of those circumstances please apply in writing.

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