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I thought today I'd bring you some news & updates first. As some of the recent crews have found we now have 'Rolling Thunder' our new 14' trailer packed with all our latest kit...Well ok it's being installed, basically because there is so much of it. From heating, solar, wifi, communications, all the good stuff plus carpet under foot in the command centre, yeh alright, front entrance cupboard...It is 14' not an RV. Kez & I were quite toastie on the overnight calls we had on our last job. Many of you will have met Kez yes with a 'K' not a 'J', Jez is a community sponsored day visitor allowed out for good behaviour. Kez doesn't have a nickname yet so please phone in if you have a memorable nom de gere, all at your normal network rates.

Kez & I were called out recently to help in the search for a locally lost dog, after four days our skills were needed to recover the two fellow searchers that had found said dog, but got hopelessly lost in the process. The terrain is notoriously difficult over the moors and it was a brave attempt by all volunteers from the local community. 'Everybody counts or nobody counts'...Nuff said.

I was going to bore you with another story from days of yore, but I have decided to go off on another tack...see that, I'm on it today. Anyway, I have decided to prizetize anyone seeing the vehicle and trailer. We do alot of miles up & down the country to jobs, so if you see the vehicle plus trailer in tow and can safely make the letter 'T' in sign language so we see you...

We will enter you in the New Year Shadow seeker signer draw, so make sure we get a photo of you signing us and we will publish the winners photo. The winner recieving a piece of valuable Show Rescue apparel.

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